Ankle Booties

Ankle Booties are some of my favorite types of foot wear to wear. How do you like ankle booties? What are your favorite type of booties and why?

I ask myself all the time what is it about fashion that is so special. Fashion is about what we wear and how it makes us feel. Some  people are not concerned with the way they look and finding the best outfits and footwear is not a thought about it. Most of us who look good care about what we look like in what we wear.

Tonight is Sunday and the weekend is finally over.  What did you do on this beautiful weekend? Did you do any shopping or clubbing? I went shopping and clubbing over the weekend. I was able to find a beautiful outfit to wear to the club last night. I got a beautiful mini skirt with some really hot ankle booties.

I love ankle booties. Ankle booties are some of my favorite types off foot wear because they give me a small boost in height, but most importantly they feel great.

Ankle booties

They are great because you can wear them in all different way and outfits. They are good to wear to all different typed of functions from a night out with friends to wearing a pair to work. It all depends on your style and what you feel most comfortable in. I always tell people that it is not always about the style but the look. The most important thing about any outfit is that you feel comfortable in it. If you do not feel comfortable in it then most likely you won’t look good in it. Just remember if you feel good you will look good.  Let me know what your thoughts are on ankle booties suede and any other topic you might want to talk about.


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