Leopard Heels

I guess its a good idea every girl should have a pair of fabulous LEOPARD HEELS in her wardrobe !! Last week I got these leopard beauties at cutecluboutfits , where they have a fabulous selection of pretty heels. I like these because they’re not too high ( I can’t walk in heels much higher!)  and … Read more

Fashion Neon Leggings

Fashion neon leggings are the latest trend in women’s leggings.  Leggings have been trending up as different designs have come to fruition. The history of leggings and neon colors dates back to the 1970s and 1980s. Like everything else in fashion it is a cycle. The 1990s brought out baggy jeans and the hip hop … Read more

Strapless Mini Dresses

Most women prefer to wear strapless mini dresses on important occasions and this style is complete adaptable almost in every ocassion, which means every women will feel happy and comfortable on her special event. You can also wear a strapless bra to give your dress more support, the women with bigger bust. Wearing these dresses … Read more

Hot Miami Style

During the cold winters where is the one place we would love to go? Hot Miami style in the the fashion capital south beach. My friends and I wanted to check out what this hot Miami style is. My friends and I booked a trip to south beach. We packed up our hot attractive clothes … Read more

Black Gladiator Heels

Gladiator heels are one of the hottest fashion in today’s fashion industry. The wrap up the ankle makes you look like and feel like ancient Greek or Roman times.Many men first started wearing gladiator sandals and the women started wearing the gladiator heels. This type of heel has been one of the longest lasting fashions … Read more