Sexy Red Maxi dresses

Sexy Red Maxi dresses you can wear anywhere. Accessorize to wear a sexy long birthday dress or sexy going out dress. Long and sexy, this solid red maxi style dress has a deep V neck line and pinched shoulders. At the high waist, in the center, there is a large circular crystal stoned medallion. The rest is … Read more

Black Bootie Pumps

One shoe every girl needs in her closet is a comfortable Black bootie pumps . Booties can be styled in so many different ways making them a great option for any season. This suede black bootie Pumps is beyond easy to transition from casual to dressed up and something you can throw on without even … Read more

Pretty Heels

What does every girl want? A pair of pretty heels. Heels are an essential part of any women’s wardrobe. Heels go with all occasions and outfits that fit the situation. Wearing heels out to dinner or work is the way to go. We all want to wear pretty heels that will make us look and … Read more

Winter Leggings

Fall is almost over ad the cold weather  is here.  The cold weather has filtered into most of the United States. Winter leggings are one of the best types of clothing to wear during the winter months. The material leggings are made of help keep your body warm during the winter months and keeps tight … Read more

cheetah print heels

I always prefer cheetah print heels that resemble the real thing. Some of us like to go on the wild idea. Letting loose is good for our body and mind to sometimes let go and enjoy life. Wearing cheetah print heels or leggings does that. Wearing what makes you feel great and act like you want … Read more

Gladiator Heels

Gladiator Heels are still hot like always. Specialy height, high heel versions can be an intense and make you sexy look. What is it about gladiator style clothing that is so popular. Gladiator heels are heels that lace up your lower leg. Similar to what Gladiators wore during the Roman Empire. This look is extremely attractive … Read more