Rhinestone platform heels

Rhinestone platform heels are one of the best selling heels today. They are perfect for almost any occasion and will make you look and feel amazing. Trying to find the right outfit to wear with the right heels takes planning. Looking and feeling comfortable is the most important thing when trying to decide which pair of … Read more

Jeweled Ballet Flats

Jeweled ballet flats! are one of the hottest and most comfortable foot wear today. Not only do they look great but they are extremely comfortable. One of the most important  things when buy anything from footwear to apparel is that it is comfortable. Comfort is what makes us do better at work or just have … Read more

Neon Clubbing dress

Today we will talk about Neon Clubbing dress Ideas which are as stunning as ever. So without further ado, here are our Cool Neon Outfit Ideas. The shade of neon is still bold and bright, but there are shades of neon few are bright and few are dark. Some people are thinking that neon colors are … Read more

Leopard Heels

I guess its a good idea every girl should have a pair of fabulous LEOPARD HEELS in her wardrobe !! Last week I got these leopard beauties at cutecluboutfits , where they have a fabulous selection of pretty heels. I like these because they’re not too high ( I can’t walk in heels much higher!)  and … Read more