Red High Heels

What is the most popular color for high heels in Decemember? Red high heels are the hottest color for the holidays because red is for Christmas time. It is time to start planning for holiday parties and family get togethers as Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

The happiest time of year will be here before we know it and need to be prepared on what to wear.  What are your favorite type of heels and style? Finding that matching dress that will go great with the beautiful new red high heels.


We all look forward to the holiday season. My family loves to get together every Christmas eve and celebrate together. Looking our best during the holidays is important because how we feel about ourselves will rub off on the people around us. What is your favorite part of the holiday season? I love to decorate the house and tree .

Drinking eggnog and spending time with my family is what is most important to us. Wearing my red high heels makes all my holidy outfits look and feel absolutley amazing. Let us know your thoughts and I look forward to hearing from you.


red High Heels

Liliana Anya-8 Suede Caged Cut Out Stiletto Heels



Red High Heels

Kakoa285 Vintage Button Lace Peep Toe Heels Ruby

Cute Leopard Heels

The leopard is a large, solitary cat that has a yellowish-brown or brown coat with black spots and usually hunts at night, widespread in the forests of Africa and southern Asia. We as women like to be like that big cat. Wearing cute leopard heels will bring out the wild cat in you.

Cute Leopard Heels

The look of leopard heels is one that will have you feeling confident about who you are. Heels are important in every women’s closet and deciding which pair to wear to can be a challenge. Picking out the right clothing to match with cute leopard heels is all personal choice. I like to wear my heels with a nice blouse and tight pair of jeans.

One important thing to remember is comfort is the most important thing when deciding what to wear. You also want to not only feel comfortable but confident as well. A women that is confident in what she wears will make her confident and comfortable in everything that she does. What are your favorite types of heels to wear out with your friends? Cute leopard heels should be on the top of your list and we would love to hear back from you.



Lenora-13 Ruffled Collar Peep Toe Heels Faux Suede Leopard Heels


Featuring leopard print faux suede upper with beautiful ruffle cuff design, peep toe, low platform, and stiletto heel. Finished with lightly padded insole and gold-tone side zipper closure for easy on/off.
~Material: Faux Suede (man-made)
~Sole: Synthetic
Heel Height: 4.75″ w/ 0.75″ Platform (approx)
Fitting Tips:
Foot Model is a true size 6, foot measures 8.9″ from heel to toe, width measures 3.25″.
Model’s Review: True to size.

Black Liquid Leggings

when I order my black Liquid leggings, I had the purpose of wearing them all the time with a bunch of different kind of outfits, for example wearing with a  plain sweater or loose top. I love to have a sexy look because it turns heads in the club. The leggings are extremely comfortable to wear . These leggings are not for the faint of heart. The leggings are for the hot and sexy look.

Black Liquid Leggings

Wearing a pair black liquid leggings with a long sweater and black leather boots giving  a elegant look. You must to have into your winter wardrobe. Im a fan of this look because for me  it’s casual and great.

The leggings will make you look and feel great. The leggings are very comfortable . The best thing about the leggings is the material they made out of. The material will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The right Leggings for you will depend on what makes you feel best. Remember self confidence is the most important thing. Our want to feel confident and comfortable with what you are wearing.

Black liquid leggings

Pleather Laser Cut Leggings



Pleather laser cut leggings with mesh contrast detail underneath and elastic banded on waistline.
One size only.
91% Polyester, 9% Spandex


Flat Booties

Every girl deserve to have in her closet a nice  pair of booties  . I love a good pair of black suede flat booties because they are comfortable and gorgeous look.

Shop for booties from us and put the finishing touches on an excellent outfits every day.

My favorite way to wear these cute flat booties is with Leggings or skinny tight jeans.

Flat booties

Can be worn in all likelihood different types of settings and seasons. During the winter months flat booties keep my feet warm and are easier to walk with especially if the weather is icy.

A pair of booties will make you feel and look amazing. The most important part of any purchase is when your booties fit perfectly and are comfortable.

What type of booties do you feel is the most comfortable to wear?  We look forward to hearing from you.


Flat Booties

Breckelle Sandy 61Lace Up Flat Ankle Booties

Stylish and casual flat ankle booties. Featuring round toe, stitching detail, lace up front closure, cushioned insole and smooth interior lining.
~Material: Faux Suede (man-made)
~Sole: Synthetic
heel height: 0.5″ flat (approx)
shaft length: 5″ (including heel)
top opening circumference: 9″ (approx)fitting tips:
foot model is a true size 6.5, foot measures 9.5″ from heel to toe, width measures 3.5″

Cross Print Leggings

You’re not only going to love how you look in these gorgeous Cross Print leggings for date with the  girls, but you’re also going to love how everybody talk about your fashionable outfit. Friends gather in all different places and talk about what each other is wearing. Cross print leggings will be the talk of everyone. Friends will comment about the look of your leggings. Tell your friends how comfortable your legs feel when you wear your cross print leggings.

This Print Leggings  seems to be very controversial and sexy. Will fit perfectly on you making your legs curvy.

Cross Print Leggings 

At the moment leggings are changing  a lot of clothes in your closet. Do you always think about when it is good time to wear them? You can use leggings as casual wear to be comfortable.

Being comfortable is the most important feeling when deciding on what to buy and wear. We want to be confident and feel great when we wear our cross print leggings. What do you think about leggings? Tell us how you feel.

Does not matter what your body type is, all shapes and sizes can wear a nice pair of leggings


Cross Print Leggings

Colorful Cross Leggings

These  knit leggings with elastic banded on waistline. 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex


Wedges Sandals

I prefer Wedges  Sandals over most shoe styles, because compared to shorter heels the chunky wedge heel looks better on my muscular legs. The shape and size of the heel look way better with the size of their legs.

Dont worry!!! anyone can wear these wedges Sandals you just have to know what wedge shoes to look for any occasion.The best heel height depends on the occasions and what look you want to project.

Wedges Sandals

Chunky wedge heels are chic and sassy Wearing with a pretty dress  for a night out  party. Wedges are no exception to my shoe addiction because They are easier to walk in than platform wedges Sandals. If you are between the girls that love wedges, take a look at our product of the most gorgeous ones.

Wedges Sandals

Satin Animal Print Ankle Wrap Platform Wedge Heels




These fabulous open toe wedge is an absolute show-stopper! Featured a stylish ankle cuff with side knotted bow tie, colorful animal print upper, cork platform and wedge heel. Rear zipper closure. Cushioned insole.
The metallic gold-flecked heel lends the perfect contrast and provides leg-flattering height to this fun-to-wear look
~Material: Satin (man-made)
~Sole: Rubber
Heel Height: 4.5″ w/ 1.5″ Platform (approx)