Red High Heels

What is the most popular color for high heels in Decemember? Red high heels are the hottest color for the holidays because red is for Christmas time. It is time to start planning for holiday parties and family get togethers as Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. The happiest time of year will … Read more

Cute Leopard Heels

The leopard is a large, solitary cat that has a yellowish-brown or brown coat with black spots and usually hunts at night, widespread in the forests of Africa and southern Asia. We as women like to be like that big cat. Wearing cute leopard heels will bring out the wild cat in you. Cute Leopard … Read more

Flat Booties

Every girl deserve to have in her closet a nice  pair of booties  . I love a good pair of black suede flat booties because they are comfortable and gorgeous look. Shop for booties from us and put the finishing touches on an excellent outfits every day. My favorite way to wear these cute flat booties is … Read more

Cross Print Leggings

You’re not only going to love how you look in these gorgeous Cross Print leggings for date with the  girls, but you’re also going to love how everybody talk about your fashionable outfit. Friends gather in all different places and talk about what each other is wearing. Cross print leggings will be the talk of everyone. Friends … Read more

Wedges Sandals

I prefer Wedges  Sandals over most shoe styles, because compared to shorter heels the chunky wedge heel looks better on my muscular legs. The shape and size of the heel look way better with the size of their legs. Dont worry!!! anyone can wear these wedges Sandals you just have to know what wedge shoes to look … Read more