Black High Heels

Black High Heels for a Night Out

One of the biggest questions as a women is what to wear out for a night out? Deciding between Black High Heels or White High Heels or wedges or boots, It all depends on what you are planning on doing for the night out.

Black High Heels

Black High Heels for a Banquet

Depending on the what you are wearing black high heels are always a good choice. I went to a banquet last week with my husband and I was trying to decide weather to wear black high heels or white high heels. I decided to wear a white dress to the banquet and my black high heels went perfect with my outfit. When I arrived at the banquet everyone was dressed very elegantly for the nights affair. It was black tie for the men and my husband looked amazing in his tuxedo and bow tie.


During the event many people were dancing and as I write these blogs about fashion I can’t but help to notice what everyone else is wearing. I always try to keep up with the latest fashions in style. One of the biggest surprises to most people is that you can look amazing for a very low price. For example I had to go to a wedding last month. It was a black tie event and I couldn’t afford to spend a lot for my outfit so I improvised. I bought  very nice looking inexpensive dress for about 25 dollars and a pair of black high heels for about 35 dollars. In total I spent 60 dollars on my outfit. I was a little nervous going to the wedding and wearing what I was wearing because I spent just a little bit of money on my outfit. The good news is almost everyone including the bride and groom commented on how beautiful my blue dress looked. Little did they know how little I spent.

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