What are black platform heels and why should we wear them? Platform shoes, boots, or sandals have thick soles.and are often made from cork, plastic, rubber, or wood. Heels  have been worn for reasons such as fashion or making ourselves taller. They have been use for centuries from ancient cultures to today’s modern time..

Platform heels really started to rise in popularity in the 1960’s. The craze wearing platform heels began in 1967 when they appeared in seventeen magazine. They were worn primarily by women in the 20’s and 30’s. Platform shoes took off again in popularity in the late 90’s when the spice girls hit the stage wearing there platform heels.

Black Platform Heels To Wear Out

Now the question is where in and when to wear them. I love wearing my black platform heels to wear out. When going to a club I love how they make me taller. There are many options we have to choose from when deciding what to wear when we go to club. One of my favorite choices is platform heels. They can be tricky at time to maneuver in but otherwise they look great.

When you wear platform heels they are easy to match clothes with. Almost every outfit will look great with a hot pair of black platform heels.  Many of my friends love wearing the platform heels for a casual lunch date or  even for a nice Sunday afternoon brunch.

Black Platform heels are a prefect way for you to show off and it also give you a boost of confidence when you match it with a really cute outfit.Many of the platform heels I have were purchased online. If you have read some of my blogs you will see how much I love buying stuff online. It is one of the easiest ways.


Black Platform Heels To Wear Out