City Print Leggings

City Print Leggings

It’s summer time and you know what that means? It’s the travel season. City leggings are some of the best leggings to wear when you travel.  Most Americans do their vacationing during the summer months. I love to go to new cities and explore new and different ways of life. When traveling to the new cities deciding what to wear is always a number one concern. The most important thing is to be comfortable in what you wear . When site seeing I love to wear city leggings that represent the city I am in.

Hollywood City Scape Leggings

Many people travel and head out to Los Angeles over the summer. One of the major attractions in Los Angeles is Hollywood. Hollywood is where all the movie magic happens. Most movies and television shows are filmed here. I decided to go on a tour of Universal Studios and Paramount Studios while I was in Southern California. I decided to where my city leggings while I was on tour. I wore my Hollywood city escape leggings to both Universal Studios and Paramount Picture Studios.

One of the cool things about Universal Studios is not only is it a movie and television production studio, but a theme park as well. If you want to ride the movies this is the place to go.

city print leggings

New York City Print Leggings

My next stop was New York City. I got to wear my city leggings while taking a tour. One of the number one attractions in New York City is to visit Ellis Island and Liberty Island. On Liberty Island you can visit the Statue of Liberty. Of course it was easy to decide which city leggings to wear to the statue of liberty. I wore my Statue of liberty split leggings.

As you can see wearing city leggings can be a bit touristy but when your on vacation you are a tourist.