Black High Heels

Black High Heels for a Night Out One of the biggest questions as a women is what to wear out for a night out? Deciding between Black High Heels or White High Heels or wedges or boots, It all depends on what you are planning on doing for the night out. Black High Heels for … Read more

Sexy Platform Club Heels

Sexy Platform Club Heels are designed to combine the added height of platforms with the support and comfort of sneakers. Women of all ages were wearing them today. Today Platform Heels are the in type of heels to wear because they are easier and more comfortable to wear. In the 1990’s Club Heels began to … Read more

Ankle Booties

Ankle Booties are some of my favorite types of foot wear to wear. How do you like ankle booties? What are your favorite type of booties and why? I ask myself all the time what is it about fashion that is so special. Fashion is about what we wear and how it makes us feel. … Read more