What is it about fashion and clubs in New York City?The club scene in New York is the hottest scene in the world.  One of the biggest questions is what to wear to a New York City club and it can be a daunting task. Do I wear club heels and a skirt or should I wear platforms with a dress or long pants. It all depends on the type of night club you are planning on heading to. I personally prefer to wear club heels and a short skirt.

Club Outfits Ideas

Some clubs have the fashion police at the door. The clubs that have policies about who gets in will look you over before letting you in. They like to control who is scene in the club. If you are planning on going to one of the hotter in places be prepared to be looked at up and down before they let you in . When I go out to the clubs in New York City I generally where what I call club heels. You can see a picture here in the post of what I mean. It is always good to wear heels that give your legs a long look and you want to wear something that will be a bit revealing. Most of the bouncers at the door are men and they like to see a little skin.

Once inside a club you will see what I mean by they try to control who comes into these clubs. Most of the men are all well dressed and extremely good looking. You see very few ugly ducklings. Just go out dress great and have fun. The New York club scene is a lot of fun and just make sure you dress the part.

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Club Outfits