Neon Leggings in your closet !Oh yes. I have caught it. And before I knew it, I had accumulated quite a few neon pieces, this pair of leggings  being one of them. It’s vibrant, it’s extrovert but I believe one of the ways to rock Neon without looking over the top, is to have it as an accent. I wished for dry weather as I donned these, and I was given it… for a couple of hours!

Neon Leggings in your closet

Bright neon and stretch banding at the waist.You will love them for any season because a casual everyday look is what you want. They are even for taking to the gym and are perfect to workout in.

Orange Neon Leggings are a high quality because of the long lasting fabric that will become a main fashion staple in your wardrobe

Choosing Neon leggings might sound frivolous because it is the most versatile piece of clothing in our closet we can comfortably wear throughout the year. you know the basics, it’s not such a big deal, but if you do not wear them correctly.

Wearing the right legging size is the most important part of this puzzle. Leggings can neither be too tight nor too loose. Make sure they fit your body snugly without tracing the body shape.



.Neon leggings in your closet