Night Out Leggings

Summer time has finally arrived. I am sitting hear writing this blog and trying to decide if leggings are appropriate for a night out.  

Night out leggings are appropriate and can be worn in many different combinations. I decided to head out into New York City and see for myself if people were actually wearing night out leggings. I went into Manhattan over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised at what people decided to wear out. Manhattan is a great place to not only people watch but what I like to call fashion watch. In Manhattan you have the good , the bad, and the ugly. When I get off the train in Penn Station there was a group of women heading out for a night out wearing my favorite leggings. I went over to them and asked them why they decided to wear night out leggings in the summer. I will tell you this they looked amazing. The women were wearing high heels with leggings and an open top to show off their great bodies.  They told me that the night out leggings are the best leggings to wear at night when they go dancing. They keep them cool and makes dancing with them a breeze. 

Night out leggings at the Club

I finally made it to my last stop of the night. I decided to stop by a club in the west side of Manhattan near the Meat packing District. The lines to get into the clubs in this area is amazing. People can be waiting for hours. I saw all different types of outfits ranging from jeans to skirts to dresses. You name it you will find it in Manhattan.  I found a few more people wearing night out leggings and asked them their thoughts. I got the same answer as I did from the girls at Penn Station. They all talk about how comfortable the night out leggings are to wear and dance with. 

I would like to know your thoughts about night out leggings.  Leave us a post reply


Night Out Leggings