Red Gladiator Heels were a type of sandals worn by women. Gladiator Heels worn by women were made of leather that was soft and refined.. At time the soles of Roman women’s shoes were made thicker to provide the illusion of height. These were the Roman’s version of heels. Red gladiator heels were mostly worn by women and  were  made up with a costly embroidery and gold.

Red Gladiator Heels

Started as a ‘flip-flop’ style sandals and later had toe coverings added. Red Gladiator Heels used the hide of animals such as a deer, ox or cattle to produce these types of shoes. The thickest and most durable types of leather were used for making the soles of shoes and remaining weaker leather was used for making sandals and the straps of shoes.

The Wealthy Romans had shoes made up of Sheepskin and pigskin were used for the more expensive shoes were for the style and elegance rather than durability.



red gladiator heels