Sexy Affordable Heels shoes are depicted in ancient Egyptian murals on tombs and temples. The earliest recorded instance of men or women wearing an elevated shoe comes from ancient Persian riders.

It has been commonly stated that the first instance of the wear of Sexy Affordable Heels involved the 1533 marriage between Catherine de’ Medici with the Duke of Orleans.

She wore Sexy heels made in Florence for her wedding. As a result the Italian high heels became the norm for ladies of  France. This reference may be apocryphal, as the development of heels did not begin to come about until the late 1580s, based on iconographic evidence and extant pieces.

Sexy Affordable Heels

Many women wore sexy affordable heels as high as possible . From the early 19th century. Sexy Affordable heels were frequently the in style for both men and women.

A shoemaker designed high heeled shoes for Louis XIV. Some were more than four inches.The resulting high “Louis heels” quickly became fashionable for ladies to wear. Today the term is used to refer to heels with a curve and outward taper at the bottom similar to those worn by Louis XV’s mistress.

The late 18th-Century trend toward lower sexy Heels had much to do with the French Revolution. During the revolution, Sexy Heels became associated with opulence.


Sexy Affordable Heels