Where do you like to wear your cute boots? Many of us love wearing cute boots to almost any occasion. I love to wear my cute boots out for dinner on most occasions. From ankle booties to equestrians, no fall or winter wardrobe is complete without a nice pair of boots. Boots are my favorite items to shop for my initial enthusiasm is often undermined when I wear my new pair out for the first time.There are a few steps you can take to make the the not-so-comfy break-in period easier. Let’s take a look at those steps.

 How to Break in Cute Boots

Stock up on Cute boots

1. Wear them around the house.

Wear  your new cute boots around the house with a few pairs of thick socks. They might feel a bit tight, but the extra padding will protect your skin from blistering while you break the boots in. This will make it much easier on your feet.

2. Stuff them.

When you are not wearing your cute boots, stuff your boots with a rolled towel or something similar to stretch them. This is also helps your boots keep their shape once you’re past the break-in period.

3. Spray them.

Take a spray bottle and fill it with a 1:1 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water, and then lightly spray the inside of your boots. This is the same formula that shoemakers use to stretch and relax leather fibers. This will help a lot.

4. Leave it to a professional.

The best way is to have a professional you trust with your footwear, you can also ask them to stretch out a pair of brand new boots for you. It usually takes 30-minutes or less! This way if they damage your boots its on them not you!!

5. Freeze them!

Believe it or not this actually works.Fill an airtight large freezer bag with water then place the bag inside the cute boot so it hits the toe. Then place the boot into another plastic bag and seal it tightly. Repeat with your second cute boot and then place both cute boots (upright) into your freezer for one full day. The idea is that the water will freeze and the ice will expand, thus stretching the boot from the inside. After 24-hours, set the cute boots outside of the freezer and let them thaw out and then remove the baggie and wear your freshly stretched boots!

The hard truth is that most pairs of boots will need to be worn for a couple of weeks before they’re truly comfortable. If you can make it though this break-in period you’ll never want to take them off. Enjoy your cute boots!!